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Classic White Emirati Thobe

Classic White Emirati Thobe

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A must-have for any contemporary gentleman is a collection of stylish thobes. This classic white Kandura/Thobe is versatile and perfect for all events, including Jummah, Eid prayer, or any other special occasion.

The thobes are made of high-quality polyester that has a luxurious shine to it.


  • Classic Emirati chest design
  • Luxury Shiny Material
  • Pockets
  • Round Collar
  • Modern hidden buttons for the collar


Please choose your measurements carefully in the photos provided - we offer 3 sizes at the moment 56, 58, and 60.

Care Instructions

White Thobes: Handwash with warm water and mild detergent, or use a washing machine on a warmer cycle.

Don't use a tumble dryer; hang thobe to dry naturally.
Dry as quickly as possible to prevent moldy smell.

Iron when slightly damp with cooler temperature.
Use steam iron on higher temperature if thobe is completely dry.
Water softens creases, making them easier to smooth out.

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